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Step 1

We’ll do a quick phone call to learn about your business, your project and its timeline.

Step 2

We will send you a budget and the production schedule for you to approve.

Step 3

We break up your payment plan into three phases. First one is upon binding our agreement, second one before the production, and the last one upon the delivery of your video so you can make sure your budget is spent to meet your expectation!

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Our Team

Tobias Deml

Tobias is a producer who specializes in Social Impact Entertainment. He has traveled the globe to learn about how media shapes people’s lives, and applies the knowledge within each client project at Prodigium. 

Hiroki Kamada

Hiroki loves all aspects of video production & marketing and has a special motivation for using videos to help businesses show their leadership in providing solutions for global challenges. 

Ace Salvador

Coming from the feature film realm, Ace brings a wide variety of storytelling perspective to enhance the long term vision for businesses. 

Izzy Traub

Partner | VFX & Animation Department Supervisor

sound + music

Partner | Creative and technical sound supervision

Vivian Li

Partner | Video Editor

Embody the vision of your startup by capturing it through our video production.

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